Wednesday, July 4, 2012

...and the countdown begins :)


I have less than 2 months before I board my plane back to Chicago.  Less than one month at work.  Time is flying by very quickly and I'm trying to get things wrapped up and sorted out before it's too late!

I have gotten so relaxed in my blog postings that I feel a renewed effort is required.  I'm going to start the countdown blog and force myself to post something, even a little thing, each day until I board the plane.

If I've done my math correctly I have 58 days left as of today.

What else is special about today? It's Independence Day aka 4th of July!  The Singapore independence day is 9 August and I will miss it this year as I'll be in Mongolia.

I hope everyone at home has a great holiday, wonderful cookout food and lots of fun with family and friends.  I do miss my Midwest summer cookouts.  Luckily, I'll make it back in time for some Labor Day fun!

Get those beer brats cooking :)

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