Friday, July 13, 2012

Good-bye India (for now!)


I am at the airport in Bangalore India now waiting for my flight home. India has really grown on me these last few years and this is probably my last visit for a while, though I hope not.

If you haven't been here, I suggest a recent movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I watched it on the flight here Wednesday night and really liked it. I think it presents some of the charm of India.

I won't say I was convinced on my first trip here. It is chaos! :) A good chaos, I have found. The traffic goes wherever there is space. Horns honk galore. Cows are in the middle of the road. Vehicles may include bicycles, cars, monster old bus tanks, tractors, ox carts, three wheelers, motorbikes and of course a pair of feet. The road sides are not the cleanest. The poor live next door to the corporate manicured lawns. Eateries require sinks to wash up after eating with Mother Nature's utensils (hands). It is different. And as I experienced it more, I relaxed and came to appreciate it. The items listed start to blend into normal activities.

I now find myself a bit more relaxed when off the plane in Bangalore. I really have grown to enjoy and sometimes crave the food. Love that naan! Really like paneer also. I haven't seen much else of India outside Bangalore. One day in Mysore to see an old palace that was very impressive. I have the Taj Mahal on my travel list but I think I need two to three weeks minimum to travel in India. Things move slower and I will want to relax and enjoy them.

India is different than the US or Singapore, that is for sure. But that I will miss it is also a surety!

The only India pic on my iPad - ready to tour a local engine manufacturing plant.

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