Thursday, July 5, 2012

Langkawi, Malaysia


I'm trying to fit in as many activities as possible before going home.  It helps when I have other people to do them with and especially when they do all the planning and I just show up :).  That's what happened last weekend.  I joined Robyn and Stephanie for a girls' weekend in Langkawi, Malaysia which is basically a beachy tourist island.

Saturday was an afternoon at the pool and beach at our hotel then headed into town for dinner and drinks.  We found a cute restaurant on the beach that was a bit ramshackle in appearance but ended up being lots of fun.  I had some bbq squid that was amazing! Amazing! :)  Bad part, I cut the bottom of my foot on the beach somewhere.  Thankfully it really wasn't too bad.

Sunday was a day of sailing/boating on a private catamaran.  Okay, there was another Asian couple who joined us, but they kept to themselves and it felt like it was private.  They even played our "boat" mix from my ipod.  We got to swim, kayak, lay on the front while we sailed around.  It was a really great day and not that expensive.  Lunch was provided and was really good.

Only down side was a bout of sea sickness for me and Stephanie.  Next time, take the meds earlier, eat breakfast and skip that last midnight drink the night before ;).

Some pics from the weekend.......

Saltwater jacuzzi

Trying to get an awesome jumping pic and failing miserably :)

Me, Robyn and Stephanie

A view from the back of the boat

On the beach - that's our boat off to the right

At the hotel beach

The giant horn bill in a tree at the hotel

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