Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

I have my first ever visitors (non-work related) coming over Christmas for almost two full weeks.  What, oh what, will we do??  I want to be a good host and have been thinking of how we will occupy ourselves.  Generally speaking, I am not known as the most decisive person.  So I have been creating a list of various activities and places to eat (since food is one of the major things to experience in Singapore).  Now, I know my visitors, and they are even more indecisive than me.  Well, I guess it's not that we're indecisive but rather we don't usually have strong opinions and can go with the flow.

Well that times three may mean two weeks without much accomplished.  We need someone to start the flow after all!  I figured I needed to be more proactive with my lists.

Result: Singapore Wheel-O-Fun! and Circle of Food

At least now we can have some fun with it and I'll have my list ready for any subsequent visitors who brave the crossing of the Pacific.

I hope to have many fun stories to share from our adventures!  Tuesday at midnight the fun begins :).

Saturday, December 18, 2010

'Tis the Season (but which season?)

It's suppose to be Christmas time but it still doesn't feel like it.  It is light out at 5:30pm.  I have to run my air conditioning at night.  The only ice I have is quickly melting in my drink. I am still shaving my legs because it is not "pants-only" weather (okay - sorry, probably too much info there).  And my decorations are sorely lacking....thanks to the two stockings from last year's Christmas, I do have something up this year though :).  Fireplace, air conditioner, it's all the same, right?

On top of all this, I've also had a new spring-time visitor.

*Disclaimer:  I know I am messy, but please note that this is a ledge off the wall of my building and not part of my laundry area or apartment.  Looks like someone else's laundry must have fallen down there and a new tenant made themselves right at home.  I was ready to kick the bird out when I found it, until the two eggs appeared.  Guess I'm stuck with mama pigeon for now.

Egg discovery a couple days ago.

Mama bird heading out for a few seconds.

One down, one to go. No crazy chirping yet.