Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time to Play Dress-up

This Friday I attended our annual work event and the theme was 'Bling on the Glam!' and my group at work decided to go as stars and paparazzi.  About 10 or so famous people were picked and matched up with team members.  I was first assigned Marilyn Monroe, but there were issues with finding the white dress and a good blond wig (there would be no air vent).  A second option which I thought was probably going to be easier would be Katy Perry - no particular iconic look (well now we've got the Elmo t-shirt but that wasn't glam) so just a short, low cut dress with bright colors and a little funky. 

How do you think it turned out?? Who's who?? ;) 

Granted, I was missing the low cut, cleavage-baring part of the dress and the rest of Katy's fabulous body, but the headshot looks pretty darn good!!  Kudos to our hairstylist and make-up artist (by the way, that's a wig I'm wearing). 

It was a fun evening and I was very proud of our group - we all looked wonderful and very glamorous!  Here's some pics from the evening.  I hope to get a better group pic next week.  My new look was growing on me throughout the night....maybe it's time to change up the hair-do a bit??

Getting ready (make-up lady is in the back and hair guy is standing)


Me & my co-worker

Michael, Korean Elvis and a famous Asian with a fro that I don't know :)

Kiss entourage with the two Lady Gagas

Audrey Hepburn & Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie)

Lady Gaga & Audrey

 Our group! We should have won best-dress but lost to a group of pirates.  Yes, pirates!?!  What a gyp.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Warm Up Midwest!

In Singapore, I have lost all reality as it relates to the four seasons of the year.  I see everyone's facebook posts about the weather getting colder.  I forgot it was that time of year already.  I mean it's almost Halloween!?  What's up with that?  I still have sunny skies and 90+ degree afternoons.  Here is the thermometer from my kitchen - pretty much looks like this every day.  There is no air conditioning in my kitchen, but I leave the door open, so it receives some of the air con from the rest of the apartment.  Although it also has a door to the outside area where my washer/dryer are with a huge crack at the bottom.

I've also forgotten about humidity.  Notice the level in my kitchen - imagine what it feels like outside.  Yes, a hot August day in Illinois with no breeze.  But even after it rains, the humidity is still there.  It was not until about a month ago that I realized I was acclimating so well to my new surroundings.  I travelled for work, stepped out of the hotel in the morning and had a nice, fresh, cool breeze hit my face.  What is that ?!  There was no humidity.  It was so refreshing and I realized then and there that I had actually forgotten what no humidity feels like. 

I'll try not to rub it in 3 weeks into January when everyone is sick and tired of the snow and cold. :)