Monday, November 28, 2011

Don't even know what to say

As with many things that I start quite enthusiastically, the newness wears off and I get distracted.  This happened with my Wii (which is now with my Mom), the Kindle (I still read it now and then, but not like I use to), my muay thai classes (haven't been since July) and this blog.

I wish I had more commitment.  What can I carry through?
  • Watching a full TV season.  
  • Using every dish available until they are all dirty and require a dish washer (aka my hands).  
  • Eating every piece of sugar in the house (e.g. jelly, dried mangoes, kool-aid, etc.) before I have to go grocery shopping. 
  • Leaving my mail to stack up in the box until I know I need something in there like an overdue bill or package from my mom.

So, basically I'm a lazy bum :).  I realise my blog has been failing of late.  I have lots of excuses but the reality is I could make an hour once a week if I really made the effort.  We will see if I can get back in a routine because I really do think I'll enjoy looking back at this when I'm no longer here.

Here are some fireworks from Seoul, South Korea.  Yeah.....I still have a lot to catch you up on since August.