Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bye, bye couch

So the couch left with my sister today. It's the first real thing to go. My segregation for goodwill has begun, but nothing's actually left the apartment yet. This is the start to the move - I'm really leaving for three years :) ehh!

Anyone want that giant picture in the background?? No idea where that's going.

Well the downtown farmer's market is in full swing this Saturday morning. And they're expanding! A whole other row of parking spaces is now officially off limits for Friday overnight parking. I ventured down, got my two hydroponic tomatoes and that was about it. But note to self....several stands have cupcakes for sale.

Now, if anyone's been around me recently, they know I've lately had a craving for cupcakes that Peoria just can't seem to fill. Good thing I have some great friends and was able to indulge in cupcakes two nights in a row (both were even my fav - confetti)!! Next weekend - farmer's market it is for my new found cupcake cravings. :)

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weekend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello Blogger Community!

So, this is my first venture into the blogging community as an author. I probably will not live up to the wit and humor of others, but will definitely keep you informed on my new adventures.

For those of you unaware, in August I will be moving to Singapore for work and living there for three years. I've started into my paperwork and preparation for the move, but mostly I'm trying to have a great last summer with everyone. The summer started out with a week in Disney with the family. Lots of rain, but still a good time. I think more bearable than the current heat wave rockin' the south.

Yesterday I took the day off to start getting my things in order: what comes with me, what goes to storage and what goes to goodwill. I got through most all my clothes, which was a feat and surprisingly a lot is in the goodwill pile. Shoes are next. I took a break to visit the pool for a couple hours. Very enjoyable and only a little burn.

This weekend the couch goes to SC with my sister and everything will start falling into place.