Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello Blogger Community!

So, this is my first venture into the blogging community as an author. I probably will not live up to the wit and humor of others, but will definitely keep you informed on my new adventures.

For those of you unaware, in August I will be moving to Singapore for work and living there for three years. I've started into my paperwork and preparation for the move, but mostly I'm trying to have a great last summer with everyone. The summer started out with a week in Disney with the family. Lots of rain, but still a good time. I think more bearable than the current heat wave rockin' the south.

Yesterday I took the day off to start getting my things in order: what comes with me, what goes to storage and what goes to goodwill. I got through most all my clothes, which was a feat and surprisingly a lot is in the goodwill pile. Shoes are next. I took a break to visit the pool for a couple hours. Very enjoyable and only a little burn.

This weekend the couch goes to SC with my sister and everything will start falling into place.

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