Monday, July 16, 2012

Changi Airport


Daily posts are clearly too much to handle :).  It is not only the time though, but having a new interesting topic to talk about.  Saturday I came home from India and arrived at the airport in Singapore at 6am.  Timing works well to stop by McD's on the way out and get some McDonald's breakfast.  Then head home for a nap on a full tummy.  Saturday was no different.

The Singapore airport is really great and I'll miss it.  It can have a lot of people but never really seem busy.  There is rarely a long line to check in (may at 10-15 minute wait).  I get to use a scanner through immigration which takes about 1 minute.  There are free luggage carts all over.  And most places I fly get me a lot of miles and keep my Star Alliance status in gold :).

The one thing I don't care for is security.  Instead of having it right after check-in like in the US, it is at the gate.  It is nice because you avoid long lines and only go through prior to boarding, but it means that liquids purchases can not be brought through.  However, I recently (last couple of weeks) found out about two ways around this.  1) Bring an empty water bottle along and you can fill it inside the waiting area.  2) Buy drinks from 7/11 and they will seal them in a bag to take through security for you.  Both very helpful and wish I would have figured them out earlier.

If you get time to fly into or layover at Singapore, I recommend it.  The airport is nice, clean and pretty efficient.  For long layovers, they have areas to lay down, a movie theater, butterfly garden and a giant indoor slide.

I am not looking forward to the return to US airlines and airports :(.

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