Saturday, July 7, 2012

Angkor what?? :)


Friday night a friend and I came to Siem Reap, Cambodia and have really fallen in love! It is a small Asian city, less than one million we learned today. It is very clean, uses USD, and is cheap ($0.50 beers).

We had a guide take us to Angkor Wat, which are very old (~1,000 yrs) temples that were used as Buddhist and Hindu temples and (maybe more well known) served as a backdrop for Tomb Raider. We got there for sunrise but as it is rainy season it was semi cloudy. It was still very impressive and this way we missed most of the crowds.

It is a large complex of temples built in the jungle. I got to try out my new hiking gear and we explored from 6 to 11:30. Our guide shared a lot of new things and spoke really great English. He recommended a spot for lunch and local dishes which were excellent! We came back for pool time while the sun was out and nap time when the rain clouds came. Tonight was spent having some Khmer BBQ and souvenir shopping. Some good finds ;).

More pics to come, but here was our refreshing pool.

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