Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crime Stoppers


Have I mentioned Singapore is safe? I will one more time.  It's funny because I don't see uniformed cops patrolling like you would in the US.  In fact, I rarely see them.  Instead I started noticing cameras.  On the bus. At intersections.  I now firmly believe that the whole city is on camera and in some underground building there is a team of cops just monitoring everything through video feeds.  You mess up, they will find you.

A bit Big Brother, but it does seem to work.  When there is an occasional crime scene, you may see a sign similar to this one.  No door to door questioning of the neighbors like on the TV shows. Read the sign and call in your tip.

Crime and crime stopping is a tad different here.  On the flight in I only recently realized they tell you anyone found with drugs upon entrance to Singapore is punishable with the death penalty.  That is some serious punishment.

As a law-abiding resident, I have very much enjoyed the benefits of camera watching and strict punishments. Should I ever find myself or a loved one in trouble though....I would much rather take it up in the US courts :).

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