Monday, July 23, 2012

YouTube Student


It is amazing how helpful YouTube is! Since in Singapore, I have used it to learn how to cut my own bangs, methods to apply eye shadow, how to eat a passion fruit and how to dive with a snorkel mask and tube.

The Internet makes this living abroad thing so much easier. I have a uS phone number for less than $5/month that people call me on and I can call them in the US. I get quick updates on people's lives and don't feel completely forgotten. I can still pay my bills online and check on bank balances. I have friends' blogs to read and my own to write. I can read publications from home and keep current. I can also stream current TV. :)

I am not sure how they did it back in the day. Probably a month to send mail. That would be tough. I am so thankful for my easy connections to family and friends. But my Internet leaves this week....

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