Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Too Trusting


Singapore is safe.  People follow the rules.  I've lost my purse a couple times with cash in it and it was later found fully in tact.  I've left my apartment unlocked before.  It just doesn't seem in the nature of people here to steal or do harm.

This has somewhat lulled me into a sense of security.  Until tonight.  I try to keep this blog positive, but I'm a little peeved.  Here's a bit of a rant coming your way.....

UPDATE: Before you read further, I did hear back from my apartment manager and things have now been explained. Goes to show how important communication is and I probably should have waited more than an hour to record my reaction :). Although explained, it would have been nice to have been told in advance about the expansion of work so that I wasn't surprised.

And even more so now! After the last sentence my computer went dead.  Why you might ask? Because someone knocked out the plug in and the battery died.  Who's that someone? Not me. And that's the issue.

I have a bird poop problem.  It all started last December. Some birds nested and I got cute eggs and a baby bird.  They never left.  And birds poop.  All the time.  I tried to clean and put chemicals on it.  They came back.  So now that I'm moving out, the landlords hired someone to come in and power wash it.

There is an apartment manger who I work with for these sorts of things.  She's been showing my apartment too.  She tells me, I'm at work, I trust what goes on.

First, Monday I was working from home in the morning.  I was suppose to be out of town for work, but plans changed.  I didn't tell her.  She came to show the apartment without telling me and I was in my pj's.  Not appreciated, but whatever.

Today, the bird poop cleaners came.  She told me yesterday they would need to run hoses and what not to run the power washer.  Okay.  There's a faucet and drain in the laundry area where the birds are.  Should not really be an issue.  I trust that they will come in, clean and leave.

I go to work, go to dinner and come home around 10pm.  I am so pleasantly surprised (read sarcasm) to find my things just a little out of order.  Garbage can in kitchen - missing.  Oh wait - it's in the laundry area with rags and newspapers that look like they might have been used in cleaning some bird poop.  The most glaring issues with this: 1) There's a bag in the can - take it out, fill it up, throw it away.  2) There's a garbage chute within one foot of the can.  Throw it away and don't leave it for me.  3) There's an old crappy garbage can already out there.  Use it - not my nice kitchen one!!

I disinfected the can after emptying it.

My bathroom door is shut.  Fine except it is humid in here and I don't have the window open in that one.  Who shut it? It is now sticky and humid.  My bedroom blinds have one where the top corner is now falling off.  I think that only happens if you're in contact with the blinds.  The windows are on the opposite side of my bedroom, no where near the door or bathroom.  Who touched them?

The guest bathroom door however is open.  Fine, I want my bathroom door open, except I keep the window in the guest bathroom open because I don't use it.  Therefore I keep the door shut so as not to waste aircon. Meanwhile, my aircon is changed from economy to full on with the bathroom door open with the window open.  Okay - just electricity, whatever.

To the family room.  There is nothing needed to clean bird poop in the family room.  My lap desk is moved to the dust covered coffee table.  My dust, but who's moving my crap? Blinds have been closed in the family room.  Who's hiding from those who can see in??  My garbage can (different can) was moved out from the corner but not emptied.  DVD binders appear to be jostled.  The standing light was moved out from the corner.  This caused the computer plug in to be knocked loose and I lost power while on my laptop.  Black screen.  Annoyed Lena.

I haven't found anything missing or broken and don't necessarily think there is anything.  But why are these random people all over my apartment when they don't need to be?  I've been lulled by this sense of security in Singapore.  Guess I must be home now for all visitors.

Sorry for some negativity, but I needed to get this off my chest :). Happy Tuesday world!

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