Saturday, May 26, 2012


It's like it's my "last semester of school" and I've gone more than a bit lazy.  Things aren't as wonderful new, so it doesn't seem as worthwhile to share them / record them on the blog. And I'm focused on getting things wrapped up - at work, my bucket list, etc.

It's been almost 3 years and time has flown by.  My successor at work has already made his first trip over from the US.  It's weird travelling to places with people on their first time again.  I remember all the things I noticed at first which don't even phase me now.  To keep the hotel electricity on, you have to put your room key in a slot by the door.  Different type of security checks at the airport.  Warm washcloths on the Sing Air flights.  No Diet Coke, but Coke Light.  No drinking the water from the faucet outside of Singapore. The price of an alcoholic beverage in Singapore.  And many more things.

I haven't booked my flight yet, but the plan is to move back to the US Labor Day weekend :).  I will soon be a US resident again!  It is a little bittersweet, but I am looking forward to it.  I already feel like I'm doing my round of "lasts".  Last trip to A, last meal at B, etc.  But I'm trying to get in some new things as well!

My Mom and her friend Kala came to visit over Easter and we spent the weekend in Bali.  Trip 5 to Bali, and looks like it was my last (for the near future).  But it was definitely a good one!  I had another US work colleague over and we got a nice day in at the pool atop Marina Bay Sands (aka "the boat").  For my birthday weekend in May, I joined a couple other girls for a quick trip to Phuket, Thailand for some beach time and a fun night out.  Last weekend we took a one-hour ferry from Singapore to a nearby Indonesian island, Bintan.  How did I go almost 3 years without realising how close paradise was :).  This weekend we've chartered a boat for a day outing Sunday.  I'm definitely keeping busy during the week and weekends - making the most of my time left.

Hope to see you soon :).  Here are some pics of my recent trips.

On the boat, headed to snorkeling.  Our guide, Kala and Mom.  
So proud of Mom for going snorkeling for the first time ever! :)

We saw lots of bright blue-purple starfish and Kala picked this one up for me.
I love my new snorkel gear but I look like a total nerd ;).

Our amazing private villa with our own cook!  Where will I find this within a 2 hour flight of Chicago?? 

Kayaking with Kala off the shore of the nearby black sand beach.

My drink matches my suit :).  This is from our resort at Bintan, Indonesia.

One of the nicest beaches I've been to - soft sand, warm water, calm water, no tourist crap.

Our friendly lizard at the resort.

Scary - a large jelly fish washed up on the shore in Phuket.

An amazing Thai dinner in Phuket.  YUM!

Me, Stephanie and Amber out in Patong Beach.  
There was a great rock cover band - so perfect for my birthday weekend.

I had a birthday dance from the people we were hanging out with at the next table over.  
Brown Eyed Girl.

Sunset from our hotel on Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

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