Saturday, September 5, 2009

Stimulating the Local Economy

Today I was ready to spend some money. Got my new credit cards, got my old apartment deposit and refund and I'm ready to brave the crowds :).

I started this morning by checking the movies online. There's been a new Audrey Tautou movie in the newspaper ads about the life of "Coco before Chanel" and I was intrigued. Got tickets online and even picked my seat, just like on a plane. I had been warned and wore my jeans and brought a jacket. The cinema is as cold, if not colder than theaters back home. But you can buy soup at the snack counter. Big seats, individual cup holders, all for about $7 US. Good movie.

Afterwards, I quickly found a shoe store and made my first fashion purchase. And 50% off! Very excited. While I haven't had much luck with fitting into the clothes here - shoes can almost always work :). The red ones I just loved for some reason. Not practical, but had to have. I needed some other black heels. Here, it's nothing but bare legs and feet. So lots of sandals, but regular dress shoes too. I don't know how the women do it, so sweaty, nasty, ewww! So a must on my list was some sort of open toed shoe and this one fit the bill perfectly.

Next to the grocery store to get some staples: bread, cereal, lunch meat and cheese. Came home for a banana, quick rest and headed back out.

Next was to a different shopping mall, nothing specific on the list but browsing. Didn't have much luck until I happened into the foodcourt. It was dinner time and I was hungry. I wish I took a picture - I found the longest line (best indicator of what's good) and queued up. It was Indonesian BBQ, ayam panggang, which consisted of a chicken leg & thigh grilled with some sort of sauce, white rice with curry sauce, slice of egg tortilla and small bowl of broth. It was really, really good. Interesting to eat with only soup and fork though!

Afterwards, I headed to Carrefour (the local equivalent of walmart). I was good on food items, but the bottom floor had non-food. I browsed some more, needed a can opener for some soup I got last weekend. Found that. Then happened upon a toaster!! I didn't know if there were any here. So happy. Then I continued to find little things and headed home. On the way out, I saw delivery service. Yay!! I've seen you can order groceries online and have them delivered. I don't care for at. This way, I can shop, drop off my cart and for S$8 (~US$5.50) get it delivered to my house! Great day.

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