Saturday, September 5, 2009

Poll Results

Last weekend I went to the grocery store and shared a few of my purchases with you. I asked "what from today's grocery store trip was most expensive"? Before going further, I'll be talking in S$ (Singapore dollars), which are about 0.65 or 0.70 to US$1.00.

Eight people weighed in and the Froot Loops were the heavy favorite with 4 votes. But alas, no. As much as you may think, this was not the most expensive item. The box lasted me about 4-5 days and was only S$3.20. This is quite a contrast to the same size box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Frosted Cheerios at another grocery store which are S$10.35!!

Runner up was the apple juice at S$2.36 it also is not the most expensive. It actually tasted like real apple juice too. You could tell it was real.

There was a tie between the Reynolds sandwich bags and granola bars with one vote each. Whoever out there selected the granola bar - you are the WINNER!! :) They were S$5.20 (on sale) and those are the cheapest of any brand that I've been able to find so far. Not sure why, but the granola bars are sooo! expensive. The bags were S$2.70.

I'm slowly learning the relative prices of items and which stores are better to shop at. However, a lot of what factors in is how far I need to carry my purchase :). Overall, eating out at local food stands is the more economical approach for me. My small block of swiss cheese today cost S$9!! But my Indonesian BBQ dinner last night (see previous post) was only S$4.80.

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