Monday, September 28, 2009


**First two pictures are clearly not my own doing.  These are courtesy of postings by Harry Tan.  Refer to more of his spectacular F1 pics here and his impressive photo blog here.  **

This weekend was the second annual Formula 1 night race in the downtown streets of Singapore.  It is a 3-day event and Saturday I was already in the area after my Mandarin class.  In order to burn some time between my class ending at 5 and the practice runs starting at 7, I headed out to dinner at a Spanish tapas restaurant I've always wanted to try.  They served some great jamon and queso manchego, but I probably wouldn't go back for just that. 

At dusk, the crowds picked up and you could start to hear the buzz of engines as you walked the streets of Singapore.  I headed down to the hotel I use stay at when I came to town, it was kitty corner to the actual track and I thought I could sneak up to a high floor to steal a pic from the hallway window - WRONG :).  The elevator entraces where highly fortified w/ hotel personnel bedecked in F1 gear.

Instead I took a stroll down near one of the gates and outside the track.  Here are a couple dark pics that clearly are my own :). I captured some of the sound effects as well via video. 


While I'm not an F1 fan, or even Nascar or racing fan for that matter, I'd have to say it was a pretty awesome feeling, everyone was excited and hearing those cars (I couldn't even see them) just gave you more energy. The tickets come with a hefty price tag (S$1,000 for a 3 day walk around pass - no seats), but next year I may try to get a one day ticket for Saturday or something. Maybe I'll have to become a racing fan after all ;).

I did watch the big ticket race, or at least the first half of it, on Sunday evening.  At one point, I put it on mute, leaned out my window and thought I heard the drone of some race car engines (may have been in my head) - I'm only 10 min from downtown.  Back to the TV... there was a small crash that I saw and it did look a bit more complex, weaving through the streets and not just around an oval. I don't know how the drivers do it.  Also, they said the road was a bit bumpy and you could tell because every few seconds you'd see sparks shooting out from under someone's car since it's so low of a ride.  Yes, talk about low rider ;).  Man that's an old song, but yes, it's in my iTunes and is playing now!

Hope everyone else had an enjoyable weekend!!

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