Friday, September 18, 2009

Introducing the Kitchen

Based on this evening's events, I feel it is now time to introduce everyone to the kitchen. 

Came home for dinner after being out of town (India) for the last couple of days.  Tonight I'm ready to hunker down on the couch, catch up on TV with my DVR and have some comfort food.  With no cash and no desire to go run about, it is a) delivery or b) make something.  I'm leaning towards Pizza because the only other delivery I know at the moment would be McDonald's or KFC (most everyone in Singapore delivers!).  I had Pizza Hut in the Bangalore airport last night, pretty good actually but not ready for night 2 of pizza.  Remembered I had some pasta and sauce and decided to make that. 

Here are my cupboards and fridge - you can see I don't have much going for me.

I'd made mac'n'cheese with these pasta shells previously, so I figured use the open bag of pasta.  Get everything going, thought I saw a speck of something... nope, nothing.  Add a can of mushrooms.  Stir it up and OH! what's that?!?  Two boiled up little black bugs, yes bugs.  EEWW! Well that was thrown to the sink and sure enough they're crawling all over the bag - it's in the sink too.  What else? My open box of cereal? rice? Those both looked good as I emptied their contents into ziploc bags.  So disgusting, will have to be more careful going forward.

The kitchen hasn't gotten much use.  It's easy and cheap to eat out and hard to keep stuff fresh in the kitchen.  If I get to using the kitchen more, I'll let you know as I'm sure that will mean stories. I did get a rice cooker - I of course went for the up-sell and now my rice-for-one barely covers the bottom of the pot! Oh well. Made rice once, need some practice. Bottom layer was a bit hard. Bought a cook book for Asian Rice Dishes. Haven't felt the need to try it out just yet.  Here are some unique aspects of my kitchen that I have figured out:
  • Not meant for air-con.  It has a separate door to shut it off from the rest of the apartment and then another door and window that open up to the utility area.
  • No oven.
  • Have to turn on 2 or 3 switches to get the gas on, igniter light (or whatever it's called) and fan blower on.
  • All cupboard doors have one door with an inner lip; so you have to be careful opening them up.
  • No dishes = more washing :). I've been good though and all the dishes you see on the counter are CLEAN! (so that is not what's bringing in the bugs).
  • No hot water.  It's warm, but you have to heat it if you want hot.
  • The microwave is ancient!! I've hidden it under the stove and am refusing to use it.

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  1. Oh no! I hope you get the bug situation resolved! Rice making is an art from what I can'll get the hang of it!