Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Food for Thought

The wonderful thing about living in Singapore is that you can find almost any kind of food right around the corner and/or have it delivered!  I am sure my mom will be shocked by the foods I am trying based on how picky I was as a kid.  But as I work my way through, whether it be one bite or several servings, I thought I'd share with everyone. As I try new dishes, I'll update and re-post. *Also will try to attach pics or link to one elsewhere on the web.

In no particular order:
6. Thai dinner - I went with a co-worker, her husband and one of his friends.  They like going with other people so you can order more dishes and have a little bit of everything.  It was very good! I still am not craving rice, so I don't over-do it.  I don't remember what any of this is...and that's why I like going with them, so everything we order is good :).

5. Bakkwa Asia's version of jerky!  I mush prefer it to the American version.  It's sweeter and not quite as tough and dry.  Sooo! expensive though (almost S$20 for 500 grams; about 8-10 slices).  This was my personal treat over the weekend.

4. Century egg It didn't taste like much, looked more scary though; that along with all of the looks from the locals seated around my table :). I ate half of a slice. No problems getting it down, but not ready to gobble up the second piece. In my defense, I don't like hard boiled eggs either. The century egg is basically preserved in the ground or somewhere rather than refrigerated and comes out black, jello-like and green/grey in the middle.

3. Black sesame soup This was a dessert course and did look like black soup. It was suppose to be sweet, and it was a little. Not quite up to my sugar standards though. Still have my U.S. taste buds :).

2. Guava At first, I thought I was selecting an apple. There are fruit stands at all the food centers here and it's cheap to get two slices of watermelon (~US$1), have them chop it up and take it away in a plastic bag and skewer stick to eat on your walk home. I select these white, curved slices assuming apple. Take a bite...not apple. Much drier, not as sweet, but not awful, just unexpected. On reading some other American blogs, I find out that it is likely I ate a guava!! Still not what I expected, but good to know for next time :).

1. Durian Can't say I've had any since my arrival, but I did try it my last time here. It was memorable for the wrong reasons and I wish it was on video because I don't think it will ever be recreated. It does stink, but I could actually get past that without too much disgust (maybe the farm smells growing up helped here). But the taste, texture, everything together combined for a bad experience. I don't care for foods of mushy consistency, no matter the taste usually (beans, yogurt, squash). This fruit has a very thin covering, almost like dried cover you get on pudding (yes - pudding is okay; must be the sugar). And inside is this custard-like substance that I can't even remember the taste to describe but I had an immediate, violent reaction to which made everyone laugh. I did swallow it down, but it was rough! Good to try and say you've done it, but no sequel necessary.


  1. Awesome post, Lena! I can't wait to try all these foods! Yummm!

  2. Gross!! I can't believe that you ate Durian! I saw it on a show last week and it looked like brains! You are a brave woman! :)