Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Poll Results

The Emmys were rebroadcast here. Which show (incl. their actors/actresses) should have done better?? 

I don't think everyone is as much a tv nut as I am :).  There were six responses spread across the board.  Two votes for The Office, one for Two & a Half Men, one Dexter, one Grey's Anatomy and one for "other".  I really wish I could add a fill in the blank answer sometimes!

I do love watching tv at home, and especially since so many shows are available online as well.  However, once you leave the U.S., those shows are no longer available online. Since they are also not broadcast across the ocean (well maybe 1 or 2 seasons behind), it leaves me without my precious tv shows! ;)

No fear - between the local cable channels and iTunes, I've found some new shows to keep up with. 

New shows:
  • From iTunes, I selected 2 of the cheaper tv series that I followed back home: NCIS and 90210 :).
  • Return to River Cottage - This is a new favorite.  Anyone remember the old PBS reality show that had families living back in the days of Little House on the Prairie? This show is a man living somewhere in the UK I believe who has a little farm and makes due with what he has.  He has a cow for milk (and she'll have a calf soon!), a few sheep, 2 pigs now (1 was roasted for a festival), chickens for eggs, fields of hay, a mini-green house with lots of tomatoes and other plants, etc.  He uses everything from his plants and animals to make a living and barter with his neighbors for services.  It's primarily a food show but shows all the aspects of farm living.  For example, last week some neighbors came to cut down a big tree, so he had firewood.  He always helps out to his best ability (not born as a farmer!) and then provided them with a great lamb stew and some cuts of beef I believe, in return for the service. 
  • Mad Men - While I splurged for cable here, I did not elect to pay for it at home.  Luckily this means there are shows such as Mad Men that are a season behind here but are new to me!
  • Fringe - A sci-fi show (which I usually don't care for) with Joshua Jackson that has grown on me. 
  • Robin Hood - I've only started watching this show from one of the BBC networks.  Looks like it will be good though.
  • House - I declined the opportunity to watch this in the U.S. because Dr. House annoys me, but it is a good show and I've taken it up here.
  • Echo and the Elephants of Amboseli - Animal Planet has helped to satisfy my love for the elephants.  This is a fun nature documentary type show that goes along in the life of Echo, a matriarch of a group of elephants in Africa.  Very interesting!

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