Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poll Results

Which living creature have I NOT yet seen in Singapore?  The answer is....butterfly!  One person got it right with the rest of you splitting your vote fairly equally amongst dogs, frogs, cats and a gecko.  No one guessed snail and it was one of the first critters I saw! 

There are dogs and cats here just like home, maybe not quite as populous, but you still see them about.  Dogs are usually with their owners while cats tend to be "strays" which are taken care of by all the neighbors.  The frog was hopping along and crossed my path from the MRT (train) to my apartment.  And the gecko was right in my apartment!  Don't freak out, this is quite common.  They are in and out of all the cracks.  I've only seen one and it ran from under the chair to under somewhere - haven't seen it since. 

I also saw my first spider the other night.  Luckily not big, hairy or scary.  So, pretty normal - I'll let you know if I come across anything exotic though ;).

**It seems I've lost my ability to spell check with this new version of blogger.  Please pardon any current or future misspellings.


  1. Hey Lena, pretty sure Butterflies are not awesome. What you really want to see is a dinosaur, or in lieu of a dinosaur, maybe a robot. Just saying.

    Doc Awesome.

  2. I will keep this in mind and see if I can't be more awesome in my critter sightings :)

  3. *writes on clipboard* Blood Awesome Levels rising. Very interesting... *fades into the shadows, throwing stars in hand*.