Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poll Results

Candy is expensive here - if you're splurging, what is your must have??

Ten people weighed in this time, must like candy more than critters :)!  Multiple votes were possible but the favorites came out as follows:
1 vote - Twix
2 votes - Kinderbueno
3 votes - M&M's
...and tied for 1st with 4 votes each - Snickers and Reeses' (pieces or cups)
I abstained from voting on this one, but so far have purchased some Milky Way (which they call Mars here; and Milky Way is 3 Muskeeteers - odd) and some sugary, sour candy.  I haven't been willing to shell out for any of the contenders above because they are all more expensive.  I'll have to stock up when I'm home next!

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