Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Poll Results

My shipment came today! Which item was I most excited to unpack?

a) Scale
b) Bed
c) DVDs
d) Elephants
e) Fridge deco (magnets, pics, etc.)
f) Lap desk for laptop
g) None - unpacking, cleaning, putting stuff!
h) ALL! I've been waiting for the day these items in particular arrived.

This was sort of a trick question.  All of the answers are correct, even g!  The votes broke down as follows:

 1 vote - Scale; Whoever selected this knows that I think I have been losing weight, but had no way to verify.  Of course the day I am unpacking, I find one in left in one of the cupboards.  Well the scales don't match, but still seem to indicate that I've shed a few pounds or kilos :).

3 votes Bed; I did make sure the bed was set up that night and it was a great night's sleep!  This bed is sooo much higher than the one already in the apartment.  Don't know why, but I like that.

1 vote - DVDs; The TV lover/couch potato in me was very happy to see these.  Although I have figured out other TV shows to get my fix.  I haven't set up the DVD player yet (thinking of rearranging the entertaniment area) but happy to know I have my movies :).

0 votes - Elephants; Of course I was happy to get my elephants - stuffed, framed and fragile.  Nothing broke! I was so happy.  My blue elephant from the Keefe's went right next to the kitchen sink where it was in Peoria.  Made my kitchen feel like home :).  My framed elephant from Thailand, punched out of rice paper made it unscathed.  Shaun - you will be happy to know that it fits perfectly on a wall hanger already in the bedroom and the tinge of green nicely accents the new bedding ;).  Shaun's mom framed it for me and does wonderful work!!!

0 votes - Fridge deco; I LOVE having a normal fridge again that attracts magnets! My peoria one was the metal finish, except not magnetized.  So nothing ever went on the fridge.  I was so happy to put up my pictures.  The following individuals have made the refrigerator: Grandma Cribben, Katie, Sean & Sara, Mark & Nicole, the Gilbraiths & one of the Beijing olympic mascots.  Send me your pics and you too may be on the fridge one day! :-D

0 votes - Lap desk; What a life saver.  This is one of my favorite Christmas gifts from Santa.  It gets sooo hot with your laptop on your legs and your legs don't have a flat surface for your drink.  Used this on day 1 as well!

1 vote - None; Of course whoever selected this one knows I am a completely lazy person who puts cleaning as the last item on the agenda.  So yes, while 100% of my stuff is unpacked, I woul say about half is actually put away.  Of items not put away, I've made no progress since unpacking day.  One day it will happen :).

0 votes - ALL; As noted, I loved and hated it all.

Here are some pics of moving/unpacking.  I'll wait for the "after" pics once I've actually put it away.


  1. 1. I voted for DVDs. Not so much because I thought that was the answer, but I pictured some Singaporian, Singapean, whatever some Singapore guy putting them into a pillow case and stealing them all again. Now THAT would be ironic.

    2. That little elephant looks soooo happy to be by the sink!! It makes me laugh!

    3. I also have that same picture on our fridge. THE BEST ROLLERCOASTER PICTURE EVER

    4. Speaking of mail, can you please send me your address there. What if I want to send you a card? Will it take 4 weeks??

  2. Singaporean :)

    I don't know how long it will take...maybe we should see??

    156 Prince Charles Crescent
    #14-19 Tanglin View
    Singapore 159015

  3. I voted bed!

    I like that Save-the-Date magnet on your fridge ;)

    Congrats on the lbs, that's awesome! What's your secret? Can I expect to shed a few when we're in Singapore visiting?!

  4. My secret is having to walk more and having none of my favorite snacks here :). If I do find my snack foods, they're so expensive I can't raionalize paying for them. So good thing I'm a bit cheap I suppose ;).

    When you come I'll get you walking...but I'm not guaranteeing any weight loss - maybe from the sweat in this humidity though. Lose some water weight ;).