Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

First, a big shout out to my awesome sister !! :).  It's been a crazy, hectic week at work; so I was so happy to see a bright orange envelope in my mailbox tonight - I knew it had to be from the States.  Sure enough - a Happy Halloween card.  Thanks Kate!  (fyi - mail time appears to be less than 10 days!!)

On the topic of holidays, I have seen some evidence of Halloween here.  In fact, for about a month now my neighbors have had their door decorated with Halloween signs.  The grocery stores have the giant bags of candy on sale as well (although on sale is still too expensive for me). 

I can't imagine there will be anything for Thanksgiving, but I'm hearing that the country goes all out for Christmas.  Already they have tons of lights, signs and winter displays up around town.  My paper today had on the front page "Your Christmas wishes have arrived..." to open to the Starbucks Christmas ad.  I think I might get by okay without having Thanksgiving considering that we've already started into Christmas. 

Regardless, it's hard to believe it's almost November when day after day I have sunny skies, 90 degree temperatures and a range of moderate to very humid.  Sorry for everyone at home who wants to kill me about now ;) - don't get mad, buy a plane ticket!

To top it off - the last 3-4 nights there have been Chinese parades in the street in front of my complex.  Complete with long dragons, lit-up trucks/floats and marching drummers.  Lots of celebrations!

**Side note - I can set up an email alert for up to 10 people for when I post new blogs.  Anyone interested, let me know.


  1. oooo Chinese parades? Sounds fun and colorful!! Any pics?

  2. No pics, I only watched from my apt and it was too far & dark to get any good ones.