Friday, October 23, 2009

Poll Results

Which sounds like the most fun for a trip in the region?

With 5 total votes, we've got two winners with two votes each:
-Indonesia (Bali) - Beaches, dance classes and rice terrace walks
-India (Rajasthan) - Palaces, lake, desert, overnight camel safari & tigers(!)

There was also one vote for Cambodia (Angkor Wat, Khmer museum, dolphins in the river).

Actually, I selected the voting options from all the trips I would like to take while I'm here.  But one that sounds really intriguing is Bhutan (tour through picturesque valleys, trekking and watching some remarkable archery contests).  Maybe because it seems to be the farthest off the map as far tourist travel goes - not sure. 

But no travel will be had during my Mandarin classes, 5-6 weeks left!

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