Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wheels on the Bus Go Round n' Round

(photos courtesy of Singapore Shots)

I sorta feel like I'm back in school. Growing up on a farm in the middle of nowhere meant you had to ride the bus until you had the all important driver's license and vehicle. My bus ride could be up to an hour long, I had to get up earlier and often share a seat. Well I'm back at it, but with some changes.
There are multiple buses in the morning! Yes, I do have to get up earlier. But there's no honking horn when I'm late and if I miss it, I don't have to go to mom or dad for a ride - I simply wait for the next one. Granted it usually takes at least another 15 min to arrive and I'll be later than expected for my destination. *It only took me 3 weeks to figure out there's a second line I can take to and from work!

This bus is not free, but it only runs about US$1.25 round trip, and has air conditioning. The evening bus usually isn't too crowded and I can get a seat.  The mornings however are a crapshoot. Sometimes, I have my own seat, sit peacefully for 10-15 minutes until my stop.  Other times, I am standing, trying to take as little space up as possible and the quick trip turns into 30 minutes.  Those mornings, for every 2 people that get off, 5-10 more get on. Once, the bus driver had to keep telling us to "move back, move back".  Luckily I seem to avoid the crowded buses more times than not.

Things about the bus:
  • Swipe your metro card on the way in and out.
  • Have a view (so you can make sure you know when you're stop is coming up!)
  • Beware of front seats as these are usually reserved for elderly and infirm.
  • If you're stop is coming - press the button!! If not, the driver may whizz by.
  • On the flip side - if your bus is coming, raise your hand so he stops.
  • Podcasts are my new best friend for bus rides.
  • Always hang on! (especially when in heels)
I have become painfully aware of how much I appreciate my personal space and exactly how large that space is.  Lugging around my computer bag and purse while carrying my iPod and trying to not fall over with heels, I often feel like I must take up the space of two Singaporeans.  All in all, it's great, cheap transportation and less crowded than the trains at rush hour.

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  1. So funny! After graduating college, I definitely appreciate my personal space. Those U of I buses were always packed and you did have to pull the string to get off. Swiping on the way off -- interesting! I hope all is well in Singapore! Love reading!