Friday, October 30, 2009

Food: Part Er

Er = Two in Mandarin

  • Let's start with the passion fruit.  I had never had one or even seen one, but found a new juice ("whispers of summer") that I really like and has it in there.  I came across a 4-pack in the grocery store and decided to buy them.  I had to look online to figure out how to eat them.  They are actually very hard to cut open - I tried several times before success.  You basically eat the fruit around the seeds, so it's a very small amount but strong taste.  I think it's probably best added to juices, jams, sausces, etc.  I tried a few bites - it did leave my kitchen smelling nice :).

                  • A new favorite treat - mini yam buns! Yes - it's purple! and has some sort of filling in it.  From the freezer, pop it in the steamer for 10-15 minutes and ready to eat. 

                  • Lunch from Lau Pa Sat (hawker stands - equivalent to the carts in Peoria but many, many more).  This was chicken and had some spices in it that I needed to be careful with.  I'd get a taste now and then and it would kinda make my mouth go numb - not numb, but tingly like it would go numb.  Weird :)

                  • Lastly, I'll round it out with some western food: Nutella and marshmallow milkshake and a bleu cheese burger with roasted pears.  This is my second time around ordering this.  Very yummy!

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