Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Introducing the Bathroom

I realize I haven't introduced the rest of my apartment.  This is mostly due to the fact that while I have "unpacked" everything from the boxes - 75% of items have not found a permanent home.  They are resting in hallways, the extra bedroom, the dining table, etc. 


Two weekends ago I was shopping and happened upon some neat baskets made from some polyester type material.  They were the perfect addition I had been thinking about for my master bath.  You see, while there are are two showers (one with tub, one standing); there is no counter space or storage space.  So I needed something to get organized.  The owners have put in some bathroom fixtures (for lack of a better word), but these are metal and a bit corroded, not practical for my uses and more in-the-way than helpful.  I've taken out the face mirror on an extend-an-arm and another shelf which were both secured to the frame of the mirror with phillips screws.  The other items are secured to the marble and require an Allen wrench.  The Allen wrench I have is of no use.  So these remain, although empty, until I can get the right tool.

With my new baskets, I have now organized myself and cleared the sink area! It's so much nicer and now I wouldn't be embarassed for anyone to see.  Hence the purpose for waiting until now to introduce the bathroom.  Here are the after shots along with some tidbits of info about the bathrooms in Singapore (or at least mine in Singapore).


  • Like I said, there's a standing shower and a tub with shower.  I have chosen to only use one shower (the tub); leaving the standing shower as a good place for my hanger rack thingy.
  • All showers are the removeable handhelds.  Good for directing the cold water down into the drain and not on your body while you wait for it to warm up. 
  • I am never cold when I turn off the shower.  I can get out of the shower, then grab my towel and then open the door to let in some of the aircon b/c it's so warm.  Not my issue from Peoria of requiring the towel to be in the shower before opening the curtain and only stepping out of the shower when my little electric heater was on and aimed at me :).
  • Step down into the bathroom and up out of the bathroom.  There's always a minor height difference in the floors - to help prevent flooding ? not sure.
  • My toilet doesn't have this feature, but many in Singapore are "double" flush.  Meaning there are two flush buttons, one for #1 and one for #2.  I guess it's obvious that one takes more water than the other to clear.  A+ to Singapore for water conservation.
  • The tubs seem to have a long back end which acts as a very nice shelf area for all your bathroom products.  I love this feature.  Your bottles and such can actually stay dry!
  • I have found it hard to find shower curtain liners in Singapore - I am still hunting.  Currently I am stuck with an ugly one that has pink and yellow tulips.  In the pics it is nicely covered from the outside by my old shower curtain from home.
I saved the biggest nugget of interest for last! :)  My water heater is tucked away somewhere I can't see but it is specific to my bathroom (there's a separate one for my guest bath).  When I want hot water, I need to turn on the heater.  Next to my light switches I have a switch for the water heater. If I want a warm shower, I need to let it heat up.  I continue to forget this point and suffer with either a long wait or a cool shower.

There's my bathroom - all the required features and now a little more comfortable.

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