Sunday, November 8, 2009

Poll Results

If you're going to exercise, where would you go for a run/walk?

The votes were clearly split with 4 people choosing to exercise in their local park (or cemetery).  I had to add cemetery because there's one "next door to" my parents that we would walk to and around in (or play in when I was little).  I love looking at the grave stones to find names I like.  The rest of the group (3) goes to the gym for their workouts. 

I posted this last survey question after getting back from a walk/run last weekend.  There's a path just outside my condo, which I didn't know about when I moved in.  It's very nice. It's quieter than the road full of traffic, so I can listen to my iPod without killing the little hairs in my ears that keep me hearing ;).  That was a shout out to my sister and her bio-med knowledge.  She told us all about this one time over dinner :). 

Anyhoo, this path is a "park connecter" and there are apparently many aross Singapore.  I really like mine because it also takes me down to the local grocery store.  I have not yet ventured out to the other paths.  Maybe I'll try one tonight? It's too hot during the day.  Here's a little video that shows you my path in particular.  I forgot to mention that there's also workout equipment along the way.  I have not used any of it yet.  The video is courtesy of Singapore National Parks.

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  1. Your trails sound WONDERFUL! We'll have to hit them up when we come visit...'cause I'll be trying ALL cuisine POSSIBLE!