Friday, November 13, 2009

Introducing the Living Room

I finally got around to getting my living room into shape!  It was a big afternoon project.  First, the before picture.

The couch is L-shaped, so there aren't too many options there.  In the end decided to put it in front of the windows.  I also then moved the tv (gosh I forgot how heavy those old tvs are!).  Here's the finished project:

I have my great elephant pillows - Grandma Cribben made me the one on the right.  And of course we needed a spot for my rug from Spain.  The shelves house the rest of my trinkets and photos.  I get very attached to items I purchase on my trips.  There's an elephant from China and one from India in view.  Also, my Coke bottles - I think I have covered Thailand, China, Italy, France and the US.  My great-grandparents on my mom's side are pictured up there along with my best friend from h.s. (Kristin!) and I at graduation.  And I can't forget the giant mug I made on my first visit to see Kate in Iowa :).  You can just barely make out my banana leaf chair from Ikea on the right hand side - that's a Singapore purchase that I foresee sticking around for a while. 

The electric hook-ups were interesting.  I've got two surge protector type extension cords and one transformer.  Some items, such as the DVD player, Wii and Skype phone, were not compatible with the 240V electricity here in Singapore.  Thus, the transformer.  By using twistie ties and the hidden shelf in the back of the tv stand, I managed to keep most of the wires under control.  I hope I don't need to move/add anything though! :)

Some unique items in the living area:

  • Was told I couldn't/shouldn't use nails for hanging my pictures.  The painted wall should be okay, but the other two walls are wallpaper.  I found these new velcro 3M stickies that work for light items.  So far they work pretty good (they are on the wall not pictured).

  • There is a separate aircon unit for each room and each aircon has its own remote.  There's an 1-hr timer, which is usually what I use so I don't forget to shut it off.

  • There is a full length wall mirror to the right of the couch.  I do my hair here - no outlets in the bathroom! Where's a girl to dry her hair?

  • My couch cushions have velcro to keep them in place - yet it doesn't seem to work.  You can see where I sit by which cushion has popped out. 

  • Also, the "L" piece is not attached to the rest of the couch.  Good for moving, but not always good when you're sitting on it - won't stay in place.

  • I love the Skype phone - thank you Mark! My mom can attest to the great clarity with the new phone.  Took me long enough to get it attached to the transformer.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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