Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Package surprises and work fun

Have you been dying to know what was in my package?? :) I'm sure you've had sleepless nights since my last post.  Time for the big reveal.........
1. Paper plates!! :)
2. Q-tips....woo-hoo
3. Mini-snickers - YUM

Some explanations may be due.
1. If you could see my kitchen counter, you would understand.  I'm the type of girl that works better with disposable dishes.  I kept up a good habit of washing dishes regularly for the first month or so, until my reinforcement dishes arrived in my ocean shipment.  Now I'm back to the old habit of a good rinse to remove the stuff that causes mold but not quite good enough to eat off of.  I am too lazy I suppose.  Anyhoo, I found paper plates here, but they are expensive -$3.00+ for 50.  I had some in my ocean shipment and Mom kindly sent some more :).  Although with shipping factored in, these might have the $3 beat.

2. I can find no Singapore equivalent to the J&J brand of cotton swabs, Q-tip. It's just not out there.  I absolutely hate using the hardened cotton-end of a generic brand.  Hopefully 500 will tide me over for a bit.

3. Mom knows I love the sweets.  About 60 mini-snickers since Saturday morning and come Tuesday night I have 5....nope 4 left.  Still managing some weight loss though.  Have to love what a little walking in your everyday routine does for you.

In other news...
I drafted a post a while back but never 'published' it.  In early October I attended my first company function, the annual office party.  It was held out at a public place called the Barrage, which is at the outer edge of the island where the water comes in.  Sorry, don't have a better explanation than that :).  It was a bit hazy due to some fires in Indonesia (I heard), but you can see our view of the city skyline.  It was pretty neat. 

There were soooo many people there though - and it didn't include significant others.  Typically it is a more formal dinner and dance at a hotel, but this year it was more of an outdoor festival.  There were games to play and you win "money" that can be used to bid on prizes.  The games were impossible.  Here's one of my co-workers trying to kick the mini-ball through one of the holes.  You had 3 tries to get 100 pts or more, and the holes were worth 50 and 25 pts.  So you had to hit at least 2 of 3.  There was a similar frisbee game where you had to toss the frisbee through 1 of 4 square slots (think mail slots in doors).  I didn't see one person get the frisbee through.

There were a number of non-work people there (it is a public place) flying kites.  Can you see all the specks above? Some were neat, had long trains. Some had lights and in the dusk you could easily follow them. Some went up so high, you could barely see them any more.  The reels of wire on these things were huge!  Maybe I will take up the new hobby of kite flying ;).

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  1. Nice photog! If you ever need anything, I'm happy to send, too! Q-tips, I agree, are a must have! And those kites remind me of "The Kite Runner" (EXCELLENT book, by the way!)