Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mr. McFeely brings Thanksgiving to Singapore

Random title I realize, but it's what popped into my head because....

...the Singapore Post may be the most efficient post.  Granted, there's quite a bit less of land to cover than other countries (think the size of Chicago and the suburbs - but not too far west), but I'm still impressed! 

My mom mailed a package and card on 6 November (they state the date opposite here) and it arrived yesterday, 11 November.  That includes one Sunday and basically losing 24 hours in travel time from Chicago to Singapore.  I don't get my mail everyday because it's usually only junk.  Seriously I've never received so much garbage mail, flyers, etc.  So I was excited today to see that it arrived - although I only got the card b/c the package was too big for them to leave.  I'll be picking it up on Saturday most likely, the 8:30-5:00 business hours at the nearby post don't exactly mesh well with my work schedule.  Any guesses on what I'll find?? :D We'll see this weekend.

It was a Happy Thanksgiving card with a very cute turkey on the front that I mistook for a chicken at first (it's a turkey for market, not a wild one w/ crazy feathers like you made with your hand in grade school!).  My mom's so cute, she always signs "Love, Mom & Dad" but we (my siblings and I) know that Dad has nothing to do with such things and often has no idea that she's even sent anything.  I can almost guarantee he is not aware I'll be opening a package this weekend - [sigh] oh Dad.... (no worries; he doesn't read the blog).

Regardless of mail, I had planned to post tonight.  I started the work day early and convinced myself to come home early (well 5:00).  I was able to catch some daylight and walk down to the grocery store.  It was SOOO humid tonight.  It rained in the afternoon and just hung around like it was going to rain tonight.  Good thing it didn't, because I was almost half a mile from home with no umbrella.

Anyway, it was a good walk.  Ran into some old Asian man who decided to talk to me despite me having my iPod in.  He was cute and talking about some stop lights that were being put up for him. 

Here are my purchases ($20) from the store tonight:

I've fallen in love with the snacksize Mars bars.  They are bigger than fun size but smaller than regular size.  And don't be fooled! These are really Milkyway.  Someone mixed things up here and 3 Musketeers are Milkyway; Milkyway are Mars; and I haven't seen any Mars.  (Snickers are Snickers)  I've also fallen in love with Gardenia raisin bread - raisin toast with peanut butter and honey...yum!  I eat a lot more oranges now, but usually manage to get an orange juice stain on my shirt - every time! The Edam is cheese - I'm hoping it's a cheaper option ($6.90) that is still palatable.  Usually, I have a smaller block of swiss that's about $10. The tomatoes are really cheap though, 17 cents per 100g - so my four small tomatoes were a total of $0.73 - that's less than US$0.50! The avocado was a treat that I thought I may like with my chips and salsa and on sandwiches.

Thanks to Mom for the card and package and now it's time to get some dinner going.  One more day to the weekend!!

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  1. Sounds good! I'm impressed you are eating so many fruits and veggies!! :) Thanks for doing the blog...I always look forward to checking in!