Saturday, November 21, 2009

Poll Results

What type of food would you like to try in Singapore when you come visit me ;)? (choose all that apply)

This week there were five very hungry voters :). 
3 want Chilli crab (whole crab in a chilli sauce - there are also other types of sauces to choose)

2 want Fishball soup (like meatballs, but fish)
3 want McDonald's delivery
4 want Local fruits (durian? or maybe something less exotic)
4 want Another cuisine of the region (Indian, Japanese, Korean, etc.)
4 want General rice and/or noodle dishes

All of these can easily be accomplished.  I can say I've tried all but McDonald's delivery; although I have indulged in KFC delivery on a few different occasions.  I hadn't had KFC back in the States for a very long time - but it sure is good!

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