Sunday, August 30, 2009

What's on TV? (incl. poll results)

My most recent poll was inspired by my need to get my cable/internet figured out and set-up. Results of my question "Which are/would be your favorite channel??" were 3 for Nat Geo WILD, another 3 (or maybe the same 3) like FX. Someone out there enjoys the All Sports Network and we've got another who selected 'other'. I really wish I could put a fill in the blank, but can't figure that one out yet. No one wants BBC News or the Hallmark channel in their list of options. :)

There are two main companies in Singapore from whom to select internet and TV services. Internet service is probably the same, but one has cable and another has internet TV. I wasn't convinced on the internet TV as it seemed to be strictly pay per view, which I can get on my iTunes and actually have current seasons/episodes. So, I went with the cable company. Set it up last Saturday. You get three "themes" to choose from on my basic plan, so I got news (CNN, BBC and several others), education (Discovery, Nat Geo and the other various offshoots) and lastly lifestyle, which gives me FX, E!, Bio Channel, etc.

My internet is also up and running, however I don't get my wireless router until next week (it's free, so I'm willing to wait!). In the meantime, the computer sits next to the TV since the cord isn't very long. Thankfully my Skype headset has a long cord and I can sit on the couch and still talk to everyone.

I also have DVR now! Not having cable back in Peoria, this is new for me (I realize I'm behind the rest of the world). I'm forgetting I have it though. Something comes up and I should just hit pause, but I don't. I still wait for commercials to run to the kitchen/bathroom/wherever. The last couple of days I've made a point to start recording series, movies etc. when I see them advertised during commercials. Slowly getting the hang of it :).

Thankfully, it seems there's A LOT of repeat programming - which means I'm less likely to become a Singaporean couch potato! It's a dangerous line I'm walking, I know :).

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