Friday, August 28, 2009

My new Apt: The Tour part 1

156 Prince Charles Crescent
#14-19 Tanglin View
Singapore 159015

Welcome to my new home!! That's me on the left behind the iron gate. I'm in the corner with no one on either side, which is nice. Not much noise from above or below either. Have not yet met the neighbors. The gate is nice because on breezy days, I could have it shut but keep my door open to air out the house.

The lovely doves make it so peaceful, no? I've got a doorbell to the left and you are suppose to leave your shoes out on your doorstep (see neighbor's doorway below). I don't really like leaving shoes out though. So usually they come off and then are carried in with me. I went for a walk/run this morning, so I decided to let these air out first before coming inside :).

The standard door lock is a dead bolt and can open with a key or card. Yep, like a hotel, I have a key card that is suppose to lock and unlock my door. I tend to prefer the old fashioned key and use that on a regular basis.

Here is my neighbor's doorway, which looks a bit more authentic. We'll see if mine grows at all :)
Once inside, I've got a little hallway with a giant mirror as one wall. I guess I'm totally vain, but I love big mirrors, so I liked this feature :). Check myself out one more time before heading out the door! The phone on the wall is from the security gate. It's a gated area with security guards out front. Once the visitors are in, they have to buzz me from downstairs to get into the building. It calls my phone and with a tap of a button they are in!

I also receive the local free paper on my doorstep every morning. I have started the habit to get up and read it along with breakfast. It is totally out of character, but I'm trying to be more of a morning person. More to come on this as we discuss my adventures on the buses :).

Have a good weekend!!


  1. You a morning person? What the hell has Singapatch done to you?

  2. We'll see if it lasts. Also, consider my definition of morning person. I'm still not getting up as early as you :).