Sunday, August 9, 2009

Let's Pause for a Moment

You may have inferred from my absence the last week or more (I'm not even sure!), it's been pretty busy. But I had to take just a moment now and blog about what just happened.

If you know me or my family, you know we live in somewhat of an organized chaos :). When required, we can tidy things up, but often still have piles here, piles there, a junk drawer or 5 and it can take us a while to find what we're looking for. But amidst the chaos, we almost always find it. Albeit usually too late for its purpose.

Case in point - This afternoon I'm cleaning out my food. No food through customs in Singapore. So, I've got my three piles, what's expired and should be trashed, what's not expired but still sealed and going to the food pantry and lastly, what is open, still seems good and is going to mom & dad :). I finish the food and see my medicine kit (a large hot pink caboodle for you kids from the late 80's/early 90's) because it's also in my kitchen cabinets. So I grab it and a couple of what I assume to be empty baskets. I pull out one.

(Right now you should be thinking to yourself "it wasn't empty and what could have been in there??")

The answer: my Nike+ and my iPod arm band!!!!! !!!!! !!!!! It seems trivial I am sure. However, I have been looking for these bad boys since I came home from Singapore in May. I had planned to start back up on my running with the "couch to 10K in 12 weeks" program but completely gave in when I searched high and low for this and never found it - assuming it was left somewhere in Asia. Clearly, the title including "couch" and fact that I so easily gave up indicate how dedicated a runner I am, but still. And of course now I remember putting them in this safe place. I had new shoes for the Nike+ and haven't used them yet b/c of this!

Okay, that concludes my rant for the afternoon. I'll have to see what other random lost items I turn up in the next couple of days of packing.

Stay cool on this super hot day!!

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  1. Essentials to the avid athlete! 5 days! I'm so excited for you! Remember to breathe and update your blog when you can! : )