Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First time in OK: woo hoo!

It's only been a week and a half since I visited Mark & Nicole in Tulsa, although it seems like much more time has passed. I had never been to OK before, but I've been to TX plenty and figured it should be similar, right? Probably depends who you ask :). I first noticed the big no guns sign as I exited the airport in Tulsa. Yes, I did find it funny even though I was in OK and, yes, I did take a picture of it like a tourist.

Mark and I met about 8 years ago (man - I feel old after calculating that!) during a summer internship and we've been long distance buddies ever since. Although, it is true that he has never been to Peoria to visit me :). I'm hoping to get him and Nicole to come to Singapore. Singapore....Peoria...yeah, I might have to agree with waiting for me to go somewhere good. No offense to everyone still in Peoria - I did live there 6 years myself.

Anyway.....I got to meet the newest addition to the family - Lily, the super cute bulldog puppy. Don't you just love her! She was lots of fun in the kitchen with her toys. And for a puppy who hasn't gone to training yet (she started as soon as I left - coincidence only), she was really well behaved! Some barks, but nothing like Barney last night (dog next door to Party House).

We had a full weekend - comedy center, pool, backyard bbq, brunch and Tulsa suburbs. The comedy guys were pretty good - luckily a guy and two girls at a table did not fit into any of his jokes. He picked on the old, married man and young dating couple. The pool was nice and we saw some actual parenting in action. We had a great cookout. I didn't contribute much except for helping to deplete all the great food! We played games, had some drinks and Lily of course joined in the fun. We wore her out real good.

The next morning we headed for brunch, the best in Tulsa! at the Green Onion. Lily's first day of puppy class was that afternoon, but she was a loner and instead joined the weeknight class. So we had plenty of time to visit the Tulsa/Owasso suburbs. Ummm...I guess they are called ranches in OK. We saw lots of ranches, not much civilization. As we turned around, some local horses came to great us and we stopped to feed them some grass.

Then it was time for me to come back home :(. It was a great weekend though. Plus, on the way home I flew into St. Louis and met up with Brett - another friend from the same internship!! We had dinner and visited before the drive back to P-town.

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  1. Haha, I love it! We're so glad you came and we totally owe you a visit. Overdue by probably 5 years : ) Singapore, though...we're on it! Have a wonderful flight!!