Monday, August 24, 2009

And the Winner Is.....

Unfortunately, I couldn't wait for everyone to weigh-in and had only about a day to choose. The poll results were 4 votes for #1 at the Emerald Gardens, 1 vote for #2 Tanglin View and 2 votes for #3 Harbour Lights.

No one cared for #4, however this was my favorite, if only it had an extra bedroom. My bus this morning stopped there and picked a few people up. There are some good-looking expats living there that I'm going to miss out on ;).

#3 Harbour Lights was nice, but the tenants were still living there (but saying they could quickly move out) and they were taking all their furniture with them. Decorating the place from scratch might be fun if I had someone to go with, but finding friends is still on my to-do list ;).

The overwhelming favorite #1 Emerald Garden was too close to work for me. There are so many people all over, all the time, that sometimes I need a breather. Living on top of everything, I didn't think I'd get my breather. I also wanted to make myself get out and have to go places. Living right there, I would be back and forth from the office and don't know that it would be good for my work-life balance. :) Today, while I waited for my bus home out on the street between work and #1, the loud construction drilling, clanging and what-not helped me feel good about my choice!

We are left with #2 who is the winner!! I decided this very shortly after my original post and once the poll results started to come in, I was second guessing myself. But come move-in day, it was great! Ultimately some of the factors included: not claustrophobic, easy transport to work (PwC office and client sites), nice pool area, lots of greenery/trees and suitable furnishings.

The owners came on Saturday to "see" me. They said hi, checked me out and took off, leaving the realtors to finish paperwork, hand over keys, etc. Glad to know I passed the test!

I will begin to introduce the new apartment room by room in the coming posts. There is something unique and different in each one.

Have a great week everyone!!

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