Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flight Attendants: Please prepare for take-off

The big day is here! The family minus Kate, which has become more common than she knows (no worries - we love you and miss you!!), started off for O'Hare at 9:10 this morning - only 10 min late!! We had only one small glitch, well maybe more than small, an auger found its way into my trunk :) (anyone who knows my father won't be too surprised by this fact). I'm assuming it was being dropped off somewhere on the way home. We rearranged the luggage accordingly.

I drove, not bad traffic and we unloaded at United. There were some tears, but nothing too much - everyone was very good :).

My premier exec standing with United got me to bypass the long check-in lines at economy and it was very nice. Good thing for all those trips to Asia the last couple years - they've really helped my United status :). Made it through without issue and headed for the Cinnabon nearest my gate. They do not have Cinnabon (that I've found) in Singapore, and I was having one. FYI - it was not health coach approved ;).

Now I'm waiting at the gate, wait listed for an upgrade to business class. I'm #5 in line and they weren't sold out - so it's looking good! Flight is 15 hrs, 23 min to Hong Kong. Then I deplane, wait for an hour or two and re-board to continue on to Singapore - only about 4 hrs left. I'll arrive 11:30pm Sunday night in Singapore.

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes - I will miss you all!! But of course, I'm only a computer away at all times it seems. Everyone should be good except grandma - can't her to get online.

More adventures to come!!! :D

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  1. Crazy! I love the Cinnabon not being health-coach approved. It was worth it, I'm sure! : ) Have a safe flight and hope you brought some good reading material!