Thursday, August 20, 2009

Medical Exam

Today I had to complete my mandatory medical exam before starting work. Here are some observations:

  • No appointment needed - I walked in, got a number and really didn't have to wait. It was like a fast drug testing clinic but they did more than just collect a urine sample. I got a number and there was an actual "ding" that went off as people moved to various stations :).

  • Everyone working there, except the doctor, wore the face masks over their nose and mouth. I thought I understood English spoken with a Singaporean accent - WRONG! I didn't realize how much I needed to see their mouths in order to understand. The lady was trying to tell me to collect my urine sample mid-way through the pee (as in go a little first, then collect, then finish). Took a while to get that one communicated.

  • I was sent to the public bathroom for my urine test. Sorry, maybe I'm a snob here, but I'm use to having an individual bathroom to complete this job. It wasn't a big deal, but took me off-guard.

  • I got called back, "your pee had protein in it, need another sample. drink water and go again." Umm, are you serious?? I just emptied the reserves and now I need to go again?? So I sat and drank.

  • While waiting I get called for my height, weight and eye exam. I stood on the scale, she pushed me back until my head bumped the height arm and then something dropped down on my head, beeped and she said "all done". Fully mechanical scale for weight and height.

  • Saw the doctor, she did the blood pressure, stethoscope, etc. Didn't even ask me about the fact that my history says my mom had a stroke - that is a first! She hears I have to pee again, she's like oh, just drink lots of water and wait out there for half an hour. What!? Seriously? Not in the USA would we just sit in the doctor's office waiting half an hour to pee :) (maybe wait half an hour to be seen). Luckily I passed with the minimal sample I could provide.

  • You're done - leave. No paperwork, billing, nothing. Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have gotten a copy of something to prove that I went.

It's funny the little things that can seem so different.

Side note - should move-in to the apt on Saturday and will have full pics and my final decision up then!

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