Monday, July 27, 2009

Week in Review

Time is starting to go by really fast. This past week a rep from the moving came for a survey of what's getting packed up. The date is set, my stuff is packed up 8/11. While I still don't have final approval on my flight, I'm pretty sure there's no changing it now, 8/15. It'll take 6-10 weeks for my packed stuff to arrive, so anything I'm going to need has to go in the suitcase. I'm trying to take as little as possible.

Thursday, Dad came and more stuff left - the dresser, my big painting, VCR, crockpot, pictures and old piggy banks. Some have new homes and others will be waiting for me to return in 3 years.

Friday I showed Kotaro my apartment. He's recently arrived from Japan and will be in Peoria for the next 2 years. He's apartment hunting and if all works out well, he will pick up where my lease leaves off.

Then I took off for a weekend with the family. My Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and her husband came to town. We had a lot of fun, but unfortunately I realized tonight that my Aunt's camera has a lot of the good pics. Nevertheless, here's some of our fun:

We were putting together the ladder/golf ball game and one of the pieces was missing some necessary holes. So Uncle Craig and I found Grandpa's old tools and drilled ourself two holes. Worked like a charm! Took us a bit longer than it would have Grandpa though :).

Here's the mess of food we ate and then played some ping pong to work off those extra calories! Emily's competetive side took over and she was the clear champ with a 3/5 series win over Tim. It was quite intense.

We walked to the park and looked for a geocache ( Tim did awesome and logged his first find!!

Us big kids played on the playground for a while. It's a much better playground than we ever had.

Then everyone took off. There was still plenty of light in the day and quite a few caches out near mom & dad's, so Mom and I spent a couple hours wandering around looking like fools searching the trees :). It was fun. At this cache, we saw a fox run away as we approached and Mom made her first find in the culvert! Good job!

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  1. I'm shocked/ appauld that you even have a VCR, let alone even try to move it. Why?

    Haven't used one of those in about 10 years. Do you still use cassettes too?