Monday, July 6, 2009

BBQs, bug spray and late-night fun

Happy 4th of July! For those of you that got rained out in central Illinois, it was beautiful and clear up north in Wisconsin. By late afternoon, we had blue skies and puffy white clouds.

There was plenty of time for Nerf dart shooting (?), bocce ball and relaxing before the dark set in and it was time for fireworks. My uncle cooked up a delicious pork BBQ (sorry, gotta say I favored the pork over the beef even though dad supplied the beef). And of course all of the great side dishes that come with summer BBQs. Here's me and my cousins (well kids of my cousin - so 2nd cousins?) at Grandma & Grandpa's farm.

My food contribution was red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing and 4th of July sprinkles. I can't take too much credit except for the icing. Friday night was margaritas and Pita's (well minus the Pita's, plus Pizza Hut - that's another story) at the party house. It seems the woman of the party house is great at making cupcakes and I easily let her take over :). I roped Curtis in to help with the sprinkles. A couple items of note for those of you thinking " velvet cupcakes and cream cheese icing, that sounds so good I think I'll make some..."
1. Careful on your red velvet mixes - mine had tendency to stain fingers red.
2. Because of point 1, the mini, bite-size cupcakes with no wrappers are a hit!
3. Cupcakes need to cool before icing; unless you like red crumbs in your container of frosting.

My other uncle provided the entertainment of fireworks. I was quite impressed with the show. If only the killer mosquitoes weren't there, it would have been a perfect evening. After the show, mom, dad and I piled into the cab of the truck (we're a very close family) and proceeded home. I slept most of the drive, making it fly by but putting a crick in my neck.

**Only 2 days to the SC road trip. See you soon!

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