Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend at College & Maddox :)

In my quest to try and see everyone before I leave, I went to TX last weekend to see Sara & Sean (and Atticus) at their new house. Sara and I met when we were studying in Spain during college and we've been great friends ever since!

Sara's been reading my blog and took me to Sprinkles for some gourmet cupcakes as soon as I arrived. Yum! I got cinnamon & sugar, pumpkin and marshmallow & chocolate. My favorite was the pumpkin. I did bypass the shot of frosting, which some of you may be surprised at.

Saturday was a big day! Sara got me into her new salon for a much needed haircut and he did a wonderful!! job. I love it :). You can check it out in our pic below at the Cats baseball game in Fort Worth. It was such beautiful Texas weather that night. The game got good towards the end, but the home team lost. However, we did see an exciting "discussion" between the home team coach and the home base umpire. At the end of it, the coach walked away and the umpire had to wipe off his face.

We rounded out the evening with Sonic drinks on the front porch, talking and watching the neighborhood. All the good stuff happens after 11 :) - packs of dogs; cop chases; loud girls on their phone. Atticus was our protector.

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  1. Great haircut! I got mine cut today...but I like yours better!!! Wish I had seen this earlier. :)