Monday, July 6, 2009

First Party Night at the new Party House

Two blogs in one night - I can barely believe it myself. Trying to catch up.

So, my first part night at the Party House was suppose to be margaritas and Pitas as eluded to in the previous post. So you can imagine the huge disappointment to me (and Gilbs - I'm not convinced the others were too hurt) when Pita's was closed Friday at 6:00. One can only assume it was for the holiday.

We went for Pizza Hut instead, which is always good. Made some cupcakes and played some Wii. I got my but kicked (don't know if I won any points) in tennis and bowling, but came back in a big way for boxing and prevailed.

It was a great intro to the Party House and I look for more fun to come this summer before I leave :).

Fun fact for the evening: Gilbs can raise a 35 lbs. dumbbell in the plank position. Score 1 for Shred!!

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