Friday, April 2, 2010

Almost Famous...

Remember my miraculous milk finding?? does a body good!  Well as quick as it came, it has disappeared.  I have repeatedly looked at the grocery stores I frequent with no luck.  Today I visited a couple others along Orchard Road, which is the big tourist/expat magnet, also with no luck.  The best I can do is Wisconsin Organic milk which is a hurtful S$9 per quart.  But what else is a girl to do? This is my luxury item.  Unfortunately, last time I bought it, I did not realize I got the lactose free stuff....ew! 

This is not the "almost famous" part.  In looking for milk today, I googled it on my blackberry.  Search "California milk in Singapore" and the first link you'll get takes you to the Real California Milk website which states the following:

Real California Milk products can now be found in a variety of countries internationally and consumers are thrilled. One American living in Singapore recently blogged about her excitement at finding Real California Milk in a local store.

Check out the resulting blog posting below and be sure to look for Real California dairy products at home and when you travel abroad.
And the blog posting referenced.....links to my Milk article above!  I thought it was kinda neat.  It appears to be a legit website, the copyright is for the California Milk Advisory Board, an instrumentality of the Department of Food and Agriculture, State of California.  Sounds official to me ;).

So now, between the Milk Advisory Board and the California Sunshine company, I need to find out when my milk is coming back :).  You think if I play up the fact that I'll be spending S$9 per quart on Wisconsin milk it will help get back the cheaper California milk?? Gotta try all strategies.  Wish me luck!!

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