Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poll Results

Do you like to gamble?  It seems that I'm with the majority and realize it can be fun but don't expect to win a lot. 

Breakdown of the results:
No way, I have a hard enough time saving my money. Don't need to risk it. 1 (11%)
Every once in a while, but it's a sunk cost - I know I'm going to lose it. 4 (44%)
It's good for a big weekend out and I've come out a couple hundred ahead. 2 (22%)
Love it! The local dealers know me and I have my favorite Vegas routine mapped out. 2 (22%)

For the next question, I understand that it's starting to thaw back home.  It is basically a consistent summer for me over here (apparently it was up to 102 today).  But I would say my kitchen is always kept between 75-80 and that's with the aircon.  It was completely weird not having fall and winter, but I don't notice it as much now.  It's funny though how when it is always hot, you can definitely tell when there's a shift of only a few degrees. 

So how is everyone enjoying spring time??

1 comment:

  1. I was in the majority group for gambling, and currently for the weather, too! I love fall, but the rag weed in Oklahoma is HORRIBLE! And pollen in the spring is also horrible, I'm learning. Maybe winter should be my preferred time of year!