Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Amazing Race!?!

Did anyone watch a week or two ago?? The amazing race came to Singapore!  If I had known, I totally would have run across screen or something. 

Fun fact: Do you know that I applied to be on the Amazing Race?  Yep - no call back.  It was my friend Sara and I.  Maybe because we made our audition tape after a night of sleeping in the Gatwick airport after a couple weeks trodding around Eastern Europe.  Let's just say we didn't exactly have our game faces on.  :)

A pic to remember our morning getting ready in the bathroom.  Our flight was early and we were too cheap to find a hotel in London that was only required for a short time.

Back to Singapore...did you see the drums being played at Speaker's corner?  It is one bus stop from where I get off for work.  The drummers aren't usually there ;). 

Did anyone else get nervous for the guys crawling across the top of the Singapore Flyer (giant ferris wheel)? I've been on it at least 3 times.  It is high.  When I get to the top I get a little freaked out and need to move to the middle to calm myself.  After a couple minutes, then I'm okay to go out to the windows and look around, take pics, etc.  I don't know if I could crawl across the top. 

The ice cream 'uncle' - not sure where that was at.  But yes you can find these ince cream stands all over the place.  The terms uncle and auntie are used for older people.  Cab drivers are "uncles".  I do not call anyone these names because I don't know that it is always positive and I'm sure I'd use it incorrectly.

They got lost on the show - not surprising.  The roads are crazy.  No grid system. The road I live on goes practically straight to my office - a little curving.  It changes names like 3-4 times.  No apparent reason.  So even with a map it can be hard to find things here.

I've been to Sentosa island, but not the zip line.

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