Thursday, April 29, 2010

Present for the Couch Potato

I am a TV-loving couch potato.  I think most of you probably already know this :).  While my vacations are planned and active, my home life is lazy and boring.  I love my TV (meaning actual TV shows, not TV set) and have been planning to get a new set since I moved here and my apartment was furnished with an older, 29" tube TV.  So heavy to move around, but otherwise really nothing wrong with it, which is probably why it took so long to get a new one. 

The TV broadcast, frequency, something like that, is different from the U.S. and I couldn't bring my old TV from home.  My brother and his roommates benefited from that :).  Apparently, just like with other things, the U.S. is like the only place that does TVs differently.  However, I can buy a TV here that will work both in Singapore and at home.  So my new one can come back with me!

And without further ado.....the new look of my entertainment wall (with one of my new favorite TV shows featured).

It's a Samsung - I tend to get brand loyal and am on a Samsung TV kick.  It's one of the new LED series, but it's an earlier series than what's already out so it was cheaper.  Since I don't cook and my apartment was furnished, I haven't had to make a lot of big purchases - toaster, iron, steamer.  So this was it.  It's a little funny because I spend the money for the fancy TV, but am hesitant to upgrade the cable box to HD.  Yeah...that one is going to take a little while to happen.  While I love TV, I hate paying for it.  Not sure if I can go above basic cable. (In Peoria I didn't even have cable!)

It is advertised as the slimmest TV out there...pretty darn thin, but you be the judge.  It was crazy how nice it was to take out the previous monstrosity.  It went from the wall all the way up to the front edge of the table.  The cables are all pretty well hid from the front view as well.  It is a good picture, but different from the last TV.  Some shows look so real/raw.  It takes a little of the *tv magic* away.  I think I'm use to it now - have had it for a few weeks.  I purchased it at the store one Sunday and they delivered it the following Saturday (would have come Tuesday but a girl's gotta work).  When I purchased it, I asked about disposing of the old TV and was told it would be $50.  I forgot about it and never paid when I checked out.  I meant to call during the week, but forgot.  When they brought the new TV, I just asked the delivery guys if they would take the old one.  Not even a flinch and they said yes.  So I got my disposal for free!

It's been a great TV so far and I'm looking forward to having it to bring back to the U.S. with me.  Yes, after a couple years, it will already be old technology, but I think I can live with that. 

Nothing too unique about this shopping experience.  When they delivered, they did do the full set up - reconnecting all my cables, cords, etc. to make sure it was working before they left.  That was very nice and it was all free.  The worst part was just deciding when and what to buy.  It's not like the U.S. where you can research everything online, get it picked out and then just pick up at the store.  Here nothing is online and I have yet to find a good way to price compare.  Here instead of going down in price, they tend to just add on freebies.  If you don't need the freebie though, it's hard to get value out of it.  My breaking point on this purchase was that I had seen the TV I wanted advertised for just under my minimum price twice during the weekend.  This past weekend I went shopping.  I was scared to see what it's priced at now :).

Ignorance can be bliss.

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