Saturday, April 24, 2010

It fits!

Every girl/woman reading this has those pair of jeans or shorts, skirt or dress that they keep tucked in the closet or drawer and just can't be thrown out because ONE DAY they will fit into them again!  :)

I've got a few of these items myself.  It's hard for me to throw stuff out in the first place, much less something with an emotional attachment.  I especially tend to fall in love with purchases from my trips.  I've got these "fisherman pants" from Thailand that have become my favorite travelling pants.  They are capri length, roomy/airy for hot weather and tied around the waist so they always fit.  I love them, but they make me look like a bag lady. 

Before I required the large, extendable fisherman pants, I had my cheap-o, polyester pants to travel in. I bought these in Spain. I was there my fall semester senior year of college and basically removed jeans from my wardrobe.  I loved these pants, but I lost a lot of weight in Spain and quickly grew out of them when I moved home to the U.S.  Today, was the ONE DAY when I've gotten back into them!!  (Yes, this is a feat although it might not look it from the pic.) It was very exciting, didn't expect it to happen and couldn't believe when they slipped on and actually buttoned.  There is one more pair I've kept hold of which I think I only managed to wear once in Spain and haven't come close since.  Althought the tag says they're the same size....they are not.  I've got some more time to spend before I ever get back into them. 

There's been no secret to my weightloss here (15-20 lbs down), I think it's a combination of the following factors:
  • No car, I have a lot more walking to do.
  • Eating slower - chopsticks and foreign foods have slowed down my meal times. Not that I don't like the foreign foods, but I just don't scarf them down as quickly as the Quiznos sandwiches I'm use to.
  • Less meat - I have more rice, noodles and fruit/veggies.  Just not large portions of meat.
  • Less milk - Can't find my American milk very often.
  • Work hours - I tend to get home after dark (after 7), so it's dinner and bed - no time for snacking.
  • And the not so healthy stress factor of this new life that at times takes away my appetite.
If only I put in some more effort - I can get into those last pair of golden pants. :)


  1. Lena, that's awesome! Congrats!! You look wonderful always, however :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment the other day, I appreciate it. :)

    Hope you're having a super weekend!!

  2. Definitely Congrats!!! I remember those pants and love them!!!! Miss you!

  3. Wow, that's great! I was just going to grab a peanut butter egg for dessert, but I'll have to pass on it now. :)

  4. Congrats on getting back into those fav. pants! Although I have to agree that the stress induced weight loss is not a good thing! :( Hang in there, girl!