Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poll Results

Which season do you enjoy most?!?

Nobody likes Hot & Steamy Summer
Nobody likes Cold & Snowy Winter
2 people enjoy Rainy & Green Spring
6 people enjoy Cool & Golden Autumn
...and 1 person enjoys the even temperatures year-round
Lately it's been storming here big time.  Huge rolls of thunder.  Some lightning and dark skies during the day.  It's kinda like spring storms back home but without the gusty winds and threats of tornados.  I truly hate tornado season.  My mom has instilled in me a fear of them :) - head to the basement!!  I also have a fear of drowning in water.  I would guess my siblings have similar fears.

Anyway - I'm packing my umbrella.  You never know when you'll need it!

Fun fact: A lot of people in Singapore carry umbrellas, if not for the rain then for protection from the sun.  But when it is raining and you enter a building, they have plastic wrappers (think skinny plastic grocery bag) for your umbrellas so you don't get the floors all wet.  Maybe this is common in other big cities, but it was new to me.

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